Candlewood Coffee

Smooth Sailing | Medium Roast | 100% Arabica | Ground Coffee

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Candlewood Coffee

Smooth Sailing | Medium Roast | 100% Arabica | Ground Coffee


Candlewood Coffee Smooth Sailing Medium Roast Ground Coffee

   Keep yourself Sailing Smoothly throughout the day.

The Candlewood Way!

 Roasted and packaged by the Candlewood Crew. Our production facility is located in Brookfield, Connecticut. 

Indulge in the rich and smooth flavors of Candlewood Coffee's Smooth Sailing Medium Roast Coffee. Crafted from the finest coffee beans, this medium roast blend offers a well-balanced and satisfying cup of Joe. With its good body and low acidity, it's perfect for savoring all day long. Whether you're starting your morning or need a pick-me-up in the afternoon, this coffee will surely satisfy your cravings. Experience the aroma and taste of this exceptional medium roast that guarantees a smooth sail every time you brew. 

Product Description:

Bag Weight: 11oz

Ground Coffee

100% Premium Arabica

Real Coffee For Real People!

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Family owned and operated, Candlewood Coffee is located on the shores of Candlewood Lake in Brookfield Connecticut.

We each have specific jobs to do at Candlewood Coffee, but when you put them all together, the final outcome is the production of some of the finest coffee you will ever experience! 



Candlewood Coffee was born on the shores of Lake Candlewood. We call the Brookfield, CT area home. We're proud to be a local coffee distributor, with our coffee on shelves in grocery stores and in cups throughout Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts.
We have been proudly distributing our coffee in New England for nearly 10 years. We are very serious about the quality of the coffee we produce, but we also like to have fun with our brand. Check out our coffee names and see if you agree.



Are you a coffee lover? So are we. We make it our mission to source the best beans from around the globe and roast them to perfection. We want your every sip to be perfect.

Based in Brookfield CT, our family imports, roasts, and packages all of our coffee products. 
We have organic and fair-trade coffee from Sumatra, Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia and many other origins.
We offer a range of blends and signature flavors that satisfy even the most savy of coffee drinkers! 
If you want the highest quality local coffee, look for us in restaurants or grocery stores near you.

Call us today to order wholesale coffee for your restaurant or business.

Call us now at 203 775-0090 to discuss your needs!