F. B.

Danbury, CT

"I tried Smooth Sailing this morning and it was the best coffee I had ever tasted....my friend wanted to meet me later at Starbucks and I just laughed!"



"The dark roast is absolutely amazing--have not had a cup of dark roast this perfect since we left New Orleans in 1979....really! You know how to get the dark roast RIGHT without burning it up. Thanks for a wonderful cup of coffee!
ps--this makes a great Christmas gift"


Brookfield, CT

"I'm hooked on Jamaica-U-Crazy....Its awesome!"


Brookfield, CT

"Its great to have candlewood roasters coffee right in my "backyard" in Brookfield. So fresh and smooth. I get it at shoprite!"

Kate M

Bethel, CT

"I Love the Candlewood Coffee Company. We drink all your flavors. Since you indroduced kcups I love it EVEN MORE!!"

D. B.

New Milford, CT

"I need some more of that noccio stuff, that is the best coffee I have ever had!"

Brooke B

So exicted that I discovered this brand at Bethel Big Y, because your coffee is DELICIOUS. And the price is amazing. I can't stop talking about this company.

Melanie L

I am completely obsessed with this coffee. I no longer go to Dunkin every day, and have recommended this coffee to everyone I know. We include it in our welcome basket for our summer renters so they can have a taste of local awesomeness! Great job!!!

Nicole D

I LOVE this coffee! Ever since I found it at my local grocery store, I've been obsessed. The hazelnut flavor is my favorite. It has full bodied flavor that I look forward to every morning :)

Mk P

Some of the best coffee I've brewed in a long time, and the fact that you're local is a big plus! Fave: Nutty But Nice. Thank you!!

Peter K

Fantastic coffee. I bought the Jamaica u crazy variety on a whim, and I loved it. I had the Nocionella coffee next and so far it's my favorite flavored coffee. I'm seriously impressed of the dedication to quality that this local roaster has!

Kitt N

I've been drinking your coffee for 2 years now and nothing compares! I go to veterinary school in St. Kitts, and while our beaches are great, our coffee is not. Every time I come home on break, I bring a suitcase full of Candlewood Coffee back to the island with me. I've tried just about every brand of coffee there is, and nothing is as smooth and flavorful as Candlewood. Not to mention nothing fuels late nights of studying better :)

Amy E

Wanted to try this coffee to support my local businesses and it paid off! Absolutely delicious! I highly recommend as a home brew. I purchased at New Milford Big Y and will do again.

Molly M

I've been buying and drinking Candlewood Coffee's Deep Waters for about 9 months. I am so glad I discovered it in my local Shop Rite!

Mary K

I am a coffee snob, this is by far my favorite, nothing compares

Joe L

This is easily the best coffee that I have had. Deep Waters is where it's at!!


Denver, CO

"I don't really care for that Starbucks ***...it tastes all burnt...but this coffee tastes as good as it smells. Like coffee should."


Sherman, CT

"HI Candlewood Roasters!
After getting my first bag of Candlewood Coffee at the Sherman IGA, I fell in love. It was the best cup of coffee I had had in a VERY long time! I grew up on Candlewood and recognized the steam on your logo almost immediately- I was so touched by the cleverness of it, that I showed anyone who cared :)!"


Clearwater, FL

"Once you've tasted freshly roasted coffee you are ruined for life....I could never go back to stale coffee...EVER!"


"Your Decaf tastes like regular coffee....I am enjoying my coffee again."


New York

"Candlewood coffee is the best. I love all the flavors. The Dark Roast beats Starbucks every time. Even the decaf is rich and full bodied. The aroma of those fresh ground beans is unbelievable. My family loves it."

L. D.

Brewster, NY

"I am sitting down right now for breakfast, and I think I am enjoying the best cup of coffee I have ever had in my life...Thanks Candlewood!"

Laura L

I love Candlewood Coffee!! So smooth, rich and just super yummy! Love that it is a small local roaster who is dedicated to making premium coffee.

Dawn H

Best Coffee EVER!!! Jamaica u Crazy is the best!!!!

Nathalie P

Tony is the reason I started drinking coffee, Jamaican me crazy is awesome!! But OMG their chi tea sorry Starbucks....

Randy D

Truly someone who totally gets coffee roasting, and discernment in bean selection, wherever they may be sourced. The results are flawless. Just delicious!

Melinda D

Nothing better than cold brew so smooth so refreshing.

Eric G

Great freshly roasted coffee! We love the "Deep Waters'" "Pardon my French'" and "Noccionella." Smooth flavors, no bitterness. You can't go wrong with Candlewood Coffee!

Chuck M

Great coffee..I buy it in CT and take home to Florida for my wife....love it!

Trisha D

I have been buying this locally roasted coffee for past few months. Really yummy and not as expensive as national brands either!

Nicola I

Ever since discovering this coffee a few months ago we buy it every week! They're all delish but Smooth Sailing is our fave morning coffee.

Sarah O

Love this coffee! I buy it at Shoprite and hope they will stock it at the new location! ♡♡♡