Where Are You Getting Your Coffee?

Learn more about your local coffee distributer out of Brookfield, CT

Candlewood Coffee was born on the shores of Lake Candlewood. We still call the Brookfield, CT area home. We're proud to be a local coffee distributor, with our coffee on shelves in grocery stores and in cups in restaurants all over Connecticut, including Hartford, CT.

We're a family owned and operated business, proudly serving our coffee in New England and beyond.

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Our Crew

Our Crew

We love coffee as much as you do

Are you a coffee lover? So are we. It's our mission at Candlewood Coffee to always provide the best bean for the most flavor. We want every sip to be perfect every time. Based out of Brookfield, CT with locations in Hartford, CT, we scour the globe to find the best coffee.

We have organic and fair-trade coffee from Sumatra, Colombia, Brazil and Ethiopia. Plus, we offer a range of blends so that any coffee lover can sip on something they enjoy.

If you want the highest quality local coffee, look for us in restaurants or grocery stores near you. Call us today to order wholesale coffee for your restaurant or business.